Virtual Solutions specialise in LED Display Screens that are high quality, cost effective and can be used in a variety of applications. Applications include; Virtual Studios, Meeting/conference rooms, Advertising Display, Exhibitions, Shopping Centres, Retail Shopfront Displays & much more!

Why our screens?

MULTI USE - Can be used for virtual studios, advertising screens & more.
HIGH QUALITY - Modern design, extremely reliable and high quality images.
HIGH CLARITY - screens provide the best quality colour options on the market ensuring the clarity of the content is perfect.
DURABLE - Long lasting LED technology - 100,000 Hours = 10+ Years (Running 24/7) - Great R.O.I.
CUSTOM BUILT - Modular design allows for variable sizes and custom options.
VIBRANT IMAGES - High contrast ratio & greyscale delivering extremely vibrant images.
EASY INSTALL & SERVICE - LED magnetic module design allows for easy and quick install and convenient front and rear service options.
INTEGRATED SYSTEM - cableless and clean installation options.
ENERGY SAVING - Improved power consumption technology.
GLOBAL - Warehouse and support teams.
FULL CONSULTATION & FIT OUT - Options available from a team with over 20 years operator experience.
GLOBAL BASES - For local installations and after sales support.
GLOBALLY STOCKED PRODUCTS - Fast turnaround on product delivery.
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